Mara Chiapponi Naturopath and Personal Trainer help you to find your Wellness Strategies in Nature, live and on line. Breathing, Postural Exercises, Healthy Food, Voice, Meditation, Massages in connection with Nature. You can find your No Stress Solutions live or on line with different programmes.


You can choose: Sportive-Detox-Relax programmes or ask for an Individual or Family Programme to find No Stress Solutions.


Your programme on line will be an Holiday No stress in Nature all year.


Why? No Stress Solutions with the Naturopath and Personal Trainer Mara Chiapponi.


Benefits? Improve the Emotional part to put out the Stress in contact with the Nature.


Objectives? Wellness Strategies on line and live.



No stress method EtnoBioMove:

1. EBM Food, strategies to improve your meals in a natural way

2. EBM Postural, to improve  the respiration and find your Power House

3. EBM Air, massage to relax and change the position of the body

4. EBM in the sea,  to improve cardiovascular-articulatory and muscular system

5. EBM Children, to improve the postural position to grow up

6. EBM Job, no stress positions in your work place

7. EBM Holiday, programme Sportive-Relax-Detox in Nature