Holiday no stress


• Why? No Stress EtnoBioMove programme with the Naturopath and Personal Trainer Mara Chiapponi to find your wellness strategies and to improve your sports results

• Benefits? Improve the emotional part to put out the Stress in contact with the Nature and find your shape in the body and mind

• Objectives? Healthness in contact with the Nature all year to find you solutions

• Who is? Mara Chiapponi expert in body language, pilates, yoga and training programmes.

Find a method to personalized your programme for body, mind and emotional part.


EtnoBioMove Applications

1 EBM Food strategies to improve your meals in a natural way

2 EBM Yoga to improve  the respiration with a strong stretching

3 EBM Air to relax and change the position of the body, 30’

4 EBM in the sea water , to improve cardiovascular-articulatory and muscular system

5 EBM for children and family, programme personalized for your family

6 EBM music personalized vibration to do you programme every day with you voice

7 EBM training course to became EBM trainer