Mara Chiapponi Naturopath and Personal Trainer help you to find your Wellness Strategies in Nature, live and on line. Breathing, Postural Exercises, Healthy Food, Voice, Meditation, Massages in connection with Nature. You can find your Anti Stress Solutions live or on line with different programmes.


You can choose: Sportive-Detox-Relax programmes or ask for an Individual or Family Programme to find Anti Stress Solutions.


Your programme on line will be an Holiday No stress in Nature all year.



EtnoBioMove was born from the personal need to find solutions to the continuous questions of the body, conscious and unconscious. Physical activity has been a point of reference for my growth since I was a child; roller skating from 10 to 14 years old allowed me to express myself and to confront myself, but also to understand the difficulties and fears that managed me. Later the passion for movement turns into fitness, both on land and in the water, where I move to music and create choreographies. The enthusiasm for this passion leads me to teaching and absorbs me to the point of speeding up my daily commitments. To satisfy my need for fitness I get to commit the evening part of my day after a full-time job as an employee, which fails to feed my hunger for knowledge but which becomes essential to make me financially independent.

The vortex of fast-paced commitments leads to four road accidents, with four whiplash in the neck, which force me to slow down and allow me to discover the world of alternative medicine. Shiatsu, acupuncture, Ayurvedic treatments, etc., bring me closer to a new world of breathing, awareness and slowness. My passion changes direction: Yoga, Qi Gong and Pilates begin to sow their seeds in my consciousness, but Music continues to always be my stimulus to move.

There is a need to try the various body movement techniques and to feel the reactions of the body. From body experimentation comes the search for an effective method for both the body and the mind, able to combine the principles of Western and Eastern philosophy, integrating the various methods of work on the body.


In 1998 Etnodance was born, which integrates ethnic music and dance in order to improve physical well-being. It is intriguing because it is considered original, engaging and, on a subconscious level, ethnic music is already beginning to have its effect. In 2000 the need to work more carefully on posture, to prevent and improve the physical difficulties that unite us, leads me to transform it into Postural Ethnodance, a journey through ethnic music that tones the muscles, with great attention to the postural one, and helps to recover the psycho-physical balance with attention to the breath. The positive response to the presentation of my lessons at important national events gives me the energy to continue the in-depth studies.

The need arises to face an integrated training course and my choice falls on the three-year course of Naturopathy, decisive in transforming my research into a well-integrated technique, improved and enriched by the ideas of the new subjects dealt with. Another world full of stimuli opens up before me, making me aware that my technique is made of Integration-Transformation-Evolution, just like Life. It is like discovering a programming that is part of our essence and is written in each of us, but to understand and feel it we need to take off the glasses that cloud our vision, the wax plugs that do not make us feel well, the clip on the nose that suffocates us, the patch on the mouth that blocks it.

I have learned to understand that there is no technique that can be fully effective for everyone since each individual, in its uniqueness, contains a microcosm that must be fed with the most varied diet possible at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social . Hence the need to create a holistic path that aims to treat the individual as a unit and that can be undertaken by everyone because, like a dress, it adapts to the characteristics of those who choose and wear it.


In 2007 EtnoBioMove arrives, a path that through music puts in contact with the breathing of the abdomen, awakening a wider awareness of energy and restoring a new contact with the natural inner rhythm, to release daily stress. In Acqua it takes the name of AquaBioMove and allows me to integrate the Water element, amplifying the work on the senses and the resulting benefits.

Body language is essential to be able to understand the meaning of postural difficulties and the final relaxation techniques enhance the experience by bringing us into NOTHING, the final non-movement, which contains the secret of personalized well-being that everyone can access. Who would have thought? A lot of movement and a lot of music to get to taste the stillness and silence, true treasures of our psychophysical well-being.

In 2014 EtnoBioMove (anti-stress solutions) becomes a book to help people lower cortisol levels from chronic stress and transform weakness into strength.

The use of music allows us to enter movement more easily, with the child's spontaneity expressed through body language. Thanks to the spontaneous movement, our body will find expression without the intervention of mental judgment, and the feeling of physical liberation will also be accompanied by a lightheartedness which is very important for maintaining one's energy charge.

Etno: Roots Bio: Life Move: Movement


EtnoBioMove: my roots in motion to increase my Vitality


Etno, to find the support of my feet in the elements of Nature.

Bio, like Life and Bioenergetics. The use of voice and self-massage to cleanse the body and recharge it.

Move, the pleasure of moving, releasing the energy that stiffens us, making us live in a contracted, uncomfortable body, which prevents us from flowing and discharging through spontaneous movements.

The keywords of this method are:

Integration - Transformation - Evolution



The technique uses the Elements of Nature and is practicable individually and in groups in Nature in contact with the energy of the elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. In short, EtnoBioMove is the return to vital and spontaneous movements to allow the body to express itself, maintaining its energetic charge against daily stress.

With this method, pleasure and relaxation are promoted, restoring a gradual sense of freedom and joie de vivre that restores the balance between emotions and intellect.


I met Etnobiomove method by chance, as often happens in life when you get what you need even if you weren't looking for it….

It helped me to become aware of my posture and of how every part of my body speaks to me, if I want to listen to it.

But the great “added value” of EBM is its creator, Mara; how many things she taught me ... .. and if today I have improved not only my posture, but my inner axis is also a little more centered, it's thanks to her, and I'm not saying it to advertise her method, it's the truth .

From his lessons you can feel his passion and the desire to help you get better.



The ebm lesson begins, we are also motivated online followed by the confident and stentorian voice of Mara we have no hesitation, we are welcomed and conducted for 1 h, at the end of the lesson the back breathes posture is regained I think each of us with renewed confidence you look forward to the next lesson.

thanks Mara for your energy professionalism love. and thanks to the group i believe in. with love.

EBM is not just an anti-stress method but a way of conceiving life



In the Touch Emotion experienced a pleasant sensation of being in a fetal position in the womb. I felt like I was swinging, floating in the water and then flying!



First experience with Touch Emotion. I felt free and light even if in the initial phase. What I have heard the most is Emotional Cleansing.

Thanks thanks thanks



An experience that stimulated me to have more and more desire to feel free and happy



What I felt doing the first lesson of EtnoBioMove is the pleasure and relaxation of every single movement. Not fatigue, pain and tension, as I was used to feeling with the other activities I had practiced.

And now it is the pleasure, the feeling that helps me to understand if I am doing an exercise correctly: if I feel tension, fatigue or pain, it means that I am doing something wrong and I correct myself.

Feeling pleasure and relaxation, however, does not mean not 'working hard', because after each lesson the posture returns to its place and the whole body regains harmony.

So: there is an immediate result after each session that helps to be constant and furthermore, consistency is rewarded, because you learn to understand more and more the benefits of all those 'additional contents to the exercises' of the session: such as the vibrations, the use of breathing, vocalizations, which can only be fully appreciated with practice over time.



The appointment live and on line now with Mara is a real recharge. Vitality, increased awareness and knowledge of your body and finally meditation. Great thanks



In the Touch Emotion I felt like I was floating in the air, my body in total abandonment and Mara's skilled hands have released all tension and more if you open your eyes you can see the blue sky. Wonderful!!



A unique experience that allowed me to enter into an intense connection with all the elements



Touch Emotion was exciting, indescribable, a feeling of "absence" ... seeing me from the outside, the image of my son in my womb.



In the Touch Emotion the first sensation I felt in the maternal womb and then in the depth of the sea and in the end I felt love for myself