Seminar of EtnoBioMove

Atistress method to transform weakness into strength


Conductor and Creator of the method: Mara Chiapponi




Delivery of the EtnoBioMove questionnaire to test the perceptions of one's body before the seminar


Fundamental concepts of EtnoBioMove

- Because breathing and posture are important

- The meaning of contraction and relaxation, pain and pleasure

- The seven bioenergetic segments of Reich, "the language of the body"

- Internal rhythm and musical sound

- Self-massage to release tension

- EtnoBioMove exercises to dissolve the tensions of the seven body segments

- Lengthening with Makò and purification with vocalizations

- Guided relaxation techniques with the use of various essential oils


Why move with the EtnoBioMove?

Music, Breath, Voice and Movement: the winning integration to dissolve the tensions of the body and mind by rediscovering the pleasure of breathing and finding balance, awakening the high levels of energy present in each of us.


AquaBioMove: Etnobiomove in Water (back to the origins)

- Symbology of Water and psycho-physical benefits of moving in the water

- Balance and Posture in the Water

- The movements of the EtnoBioMove in the water guided by music


Conclusions and sharing of experiences with delivery of the EtnoBioMove questionnaire to test the perceptions of one's body after the seminar



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Seminar hours: day ……………… .from …… .. to ……… …… .total hours ………



Training school


“Move your Roots to increase your Vitality in Nature”

Mara Chiapponi


•Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders.


•Tension of the scalp and jaw with headache and facial pain Acceleration of the heartbeat and shallow breathing.


•Fatigue, anxiety, depression.


•Insomnia, panic attacks with increased adrenaline production and risk of high alcohol consumption and smoking with increased toxins.


•FFF fright, fight, flight (fear, fight or flight).


•Pupils dilate, the body is on high alert with adrenaline which increases cortisol.


•When stress is frequent, FFF always remains partially active creating Chronic Stress symptoms.


•Physiological functions are compromised with the risk of hypertension, infections, allergies and skin rashes.

Meaning of Tension

•Inhibition of emotions = muscle contraction.


•Decrease in our immune defenses.


•Emotions arise from the hypothalamus from where health or disease originates and from where the input comes to redo the skin cells every 28 days and the whole body every 7 years, then to be reborn.

The TENSION speaks to us

•Jaw and throat stiffen due to the continuous repressing of the urge to cry.


•Cervical tract is supported by the atlas vertebra which takes its name from Titan forced to carry the world on his shoulders, in fact it is the part of the column that bears the weight of responsibility.


Dorsal tract seat of affections and emotions.


•The pelvis and thighs may shorten due to the repression of sexual emotions.


•The abdomen contracts due to the widespread tendency to hold the breath.


1. EBM questionnaire, collected and held by the trainer to monitor it

2. Sending profile / CV trainer

3. Training week-end reports and final thesis in agreement with the trainer

4. Within 6 months of training, the final dissertation of the course must be delivered, on the subject, with the application of the method in one's profession

5. To complete the training it is necessary to do 50 hours online or live divided into three levels of 16 hours

6. Insertion on the EtnoBioMove website in the "Trainee in Training" list who becomes Trainer at the end of the training

7. Written and practical test to verify the acquisition of the basics of the method

8. Every two years update to keep the Trainer figure on the EBM site

EtnoBioMove Trainers:

Loredana Sagliano

Battiniello Moira

Bruna Isaia

Giampietro Patrizia

Ilaria Morengo

Maddalena Morando

Bruna Caula

Giuseppa Quartararo

EtnoBioMove in training:

Battiniello Silvana

Chille' Maria Alba

Cornetto Riccarda

Gallo Luciana

Tiziana Musso

Chiara Galletto

Teresa De Paola

Luisa Moscati

Valentina Salvini